HP Pro X551DW CISS System Installation
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Hold the cap still and unscrew the bottle. Fill the bottle with the ink indicated by the mark on the tube to the 500ml line.

Clean up any ink spilled. Hold the cap and screw the bottle back on. Repeat for the other three bottles.

Use the tapered silicon plug from the CISS kit parts bag. Press the plug into the vent hole.

Unscrew the bottle from the cap. Do not remove the hose from the bottle. Lay the cap to the side of the bottle.

Install the custom-ground needle onto the syringe. Insert the needle in the center of the ink portal. It should insert easily. If forced, the seal will be damaged. The ink port is sealed by spring-loaded ball. If you press the ball too far, it will be damaged. Then the cartridge will have to be thrown out.

Put the needle into the cartridge and pull back on the syringe. Draw trapped air and ink until the syringe is about half full. You will see ink from the bottle start to flow through the tube. Put the ink drawn out back into the bottle. Pull the syringe out as you are drawing ink to hear a gasping sound. This prevents air from leaking back into the cartridge. Repeat this process until there is no more air in the ink. It may take up to five times. Repeat for the other ink cartridges.

In between colors, it is important to thoroughly clean the syringe. One drop of ink can contaminate an ink cartridge. If any ink is found on the paper towel, it is not clean.