HP Pro X551DW CISS System Installation
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There are 4 ink cartridges for the X551 (C) for cyan, (M) for magenta, (Y) for yellow, and (K) for black. Also known as CMYK.

Take note of the location of the Air Vents Port and Ink Port. These are the gold contacts for the chip in the ink cartridge. Do Not Touch. The gold contacts may be cleaned with the eraser from a pencil.

The CISS kit contains all the parts needed to supply ink to the cartridges.

Use a permanent marker and draw a lines at the 250 and 500 milliliter lines. These are your minimum and maximum fill lines.

These hoses connect the ink cartridges to the ink bottles. Each hose is marked with the color it is to be installed into. Install the tube into the bottle cap. Repeat this process for the three other bottles.

Place a rubber band on both ends of the four cartridges to hold them together tightly.

Carefully and slowly rotate the awl back and forth to drill a hole in the cartridge. The Red X indicates where the hole should be drilled in each cartridge. They’re staggered to allow clearance for the hoses. Carefully clean the nail in between each ink cartridge to avoid contamination.

Carefully install the hose barb indicated by the color ring on it into the corresponding ink cartridge. Use the wooden awl held perpendicular to the cartridge and carefully push the barb. Press the barb into the cart until the silicon washer mushrooms out. Repeat this process for the three other cartridges.

Place a paper towel in the bottom of the pan to absorb any spilled ink. Place the four bottles into the pan.